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Patchwork Faith Ministries Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is prayer ministry?

Patchwork Faith Ministries will assist you in finding freedom from emotional and physical sickness in your life. Your prayer minister will join with you in prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer ministry is not based solely on common counseling tools or words of advice, but rather, on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. God reveals “root causes” so that His power can help you find victory.

2. What issues do you commonly deal with through prayer ministry at Patchwork Faith Ministries?

Some issues commonly dealt with are past traumas, chronic physical ailments, relationship difficulties, unforgiveness, anger, fear, addictive spirits, lack of spiritual growth, current illness, depression, anxiety, fear, and a desire to have a real relationship with Christ.

3. What is the difference between Christian counseling and prayer ministry? 

Most people doing prayer ministry are not state licensed professional counselors. Many are lay people or ordained lay ministers. Prayer ministers use the Word of God as their foundation, coupled with counseling techniques. They use the Holy Spirit to lead their ministry, as He is the Great Counselor.

Most Christian counselors are state licensed. It is also common to use the term "Christian counselor" for any licensed counselor who happens to be a Christian, even though they may only use secular principles in their work. Most professional counselors are either not trained to do prayer ministry or are forbidden by their conditions of employment to do so. Most professional counseling courses are based on a worldview which doesn't always include Christian principles.

Christian counseling and prayer ministry use some of the same principles. The biggest differences are the qualifications required and the foundation upon which the help is based. Carissa Hjellming is our female prayer minister and is NOT a state licensed counselor. She is a Certified Healing Practitioner.

4. How can I arrange to receive prayer ministry or make an appointment?

Contact us at or at Otherwise, stop by the Patchwork Faith Ministries Center in the Metro Sales Building at 1610 14th Street NW, Suite #204, Rochester, MN 55901.

5. If our sin and pain has already been dealt with at the cross, then why should we “dig it up again”?

Jesus had a victory on the cross, but we must still claim it. God won’t save us against our own will. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, then we start the sanctification process. We work together with God to become the people He destined us to be and claim all that is meant to be ours. Prayer ministry often helps clients find “God’s destiny” for their lives.

6. I am a strong Christian and I live for Christ. Why am I not able to pray over myself and find healing?

This is a question that is hard to answer in a brief response. God gives us power, the power of Christ living within us. He invites us into relationship with Him. But He also gives us other believers who are filled with the Spirit, too. Sometimes we find our healing through Christ living within us. Other times, our brothers and sisters in Christ minister to us with gifts of wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, healing, etc. Many times healing happens in layers. As we learn to walk in the newness of Christ, God prepares us to then go deeper. Often we are not fully able to deal with all aspects of a particular problem, until another believer helps us uncover the root causes of it.

7. Will someone else find out the things I want to remain secret?

In order to find healing through Patchwork Faith Ministries, you must be honest with God and honest with your prayer minister. You may need to reveal things you would rather keep hidden in order to find true healing. The enemy would love for you to keep your secrets in the dark—that way, he still has a hold on your life. By releasing these hidden things to a trustworthy minister, the Light overcomes the darkness and the enemy loses his power. Prayer ministers at Patchwork Faith Ministries are non-judgmental and keep what is shared completely confidential.

Keep in mind, sometimes God will expose areas of your life to your prayer minister through words of knowledge, too. God does NOT want things to remain locked deep within you. He wants you to find freedom.

8. Are prayer ministers “against” doctors and medicine?

No. Prayer ministers at Patchwork Faith Ministries are NOT against doctors or medicine. In fact, if you are suffering from clinical depression and/or having suicidal thoughts, we insist that you be seen by a medical professional, as well. We will work with you while you are doctoring for any sickness or condition.

9. What is prayer?

Prayer is power. It is the way we communicate with God. Prayer should be real and raw. Prayer is speaking with God and listening for His response.  The Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing. Prayer is a primary channel for God to bring healing, encouragement, and restoration.

10. What does a typical prayer ministry appointment at Patchwork Faith Ministries look like?

Appointments are scheduled in 60 minute and 90 minute intervals. However, your actual time with your prayer minister will be approximately 50 minutes or 80 minutes. You will be dismissed about 10 minutes prior to the end of your scheduled time. This allows your prayer minister to have a personal break between clients and ensures that each appointment will start at its scheduled time.

Your first appointment is considered an “intake” appointment. Your prayer minister will explain Patchwork Faith Ministries to you, answer any questions you have, and also inquire as to your needs/goals. You will be asked many questions to begin with. Following this appointment, you will receive a client questionnaire and liability release form to be returned at your next visit, if you choose to return.

Many clients will cry during their ministry time. Often times, this is the way the Holy Spirit works. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing, too. Your prayer minister will ask Holy Spirit led questions and listen carefully and tenderly. Our goal is to unite you with God’s Holy Spirit and the healing power of Jesus; to lead you to truth; and to help you find answers, relief, restoration, and physical and emotional healing.

At the end of each session, your prayer minister will pray with and for you. This time may range from 5-15 minutes, depending on what is needed.

11. Why don’t you offer prayer ministry to men?

Global Awakening suggests women counsel women and men counsel men. At the present time, Carissa Hjellming is the only prayer minister at Patchwork Faith Ministries. Therefore, we only offer services for women and children.

12. Do you offer marriage or family counseling?

No. We have one female prayer minister and she only works with women and their children.

13. What are your prayer minister’s qualifications?

Carissa Hjellming is a dynamic Christian speaker and teacher, delivering her own powerful testimony. She has lived through a near-death experience; 17 years of chronic pain; depression; anxiety; divorce; and the tragic murder of her brother-in-law in 2012. Carissa is no stranger to pain. Yet, she remains filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit and desires to help you find that same joy! Just imagine Holy Spirit popcorn--that's our Carissa!

Carissa taught elementary school (grades 1-4) for 15 years, has a master’s degree in this field, and has served as a behavior interventionist for children. She is also an ordained lay minister through Royal Family International and a certified healing practitioner through Global Awakening. Carissa's residency focus was inner healing (emotional counseling). God has called Carissa to this ministry. She is an encourager, a warrior for Christ, and her joy for Jesus is contagious!

14. Will my insurance cover the cost of these sessions?

No. Insurance will not cover the cost of these appointments.

15. What is the cost of a 60 minute or 90 minute session?

Each session is provided on a free will donation basis.

16. What does a free will donation basis mean?  Can I pay whatever I want to pay? Where does the money go?

You will not receive a bill from Patchwork Faith Ministries. You are strongly encouraged to sow into this ministry at the conclusion of each session. A minimum $50 donation is suggested. The help you receive is not based on the amount you pay. ALL MONEY paid to Patchwork Faith Ministries goes right back into this non-profit ministry.

17. So I will never receive a bill from you?

The one and only time you will receive a bill from our ministry is if you choose to book an appointment and then you do not show up. If you do not call to cancel or re-schedule at least 6 hours prior to your appointment, you will be billed a $50 “no-show” fee.

18. How does Patchwork Faith Ministries survive financially if counseling is provided on a donation basis?

We thrive only because contributors, monthly ministry partners, and clients choose to give generously to this ministry. If all clients chose to continue prayer ministry on a regular basis and gave nothing, PFM would not survive. Just like any other business, we have many bills to pay.

God asks us to sow into the people and places that feed our spirits and bring us closer to His Kingdom. To “sow” means to scatter upon the earth for growth. When you choose to sow into our ministry, Patchwork Faith Ministries then grows and the Kingdom of God grows!

19. I struggle with the “donation basis” because I have no idea how much to give. What is appropriate or acceptable? $25?  $50?  $100?

Ask God how much you should give. He will lead you. Only you and God know your financial status. Some clients truly do not have the resources to give much. God understands this and so do we. This ministry is here to serve ALL women and children in need. Let us provide you with this:

  • The average cost of a 50 minute counseling session in Minnesota ranges from $125-$250. Some agencies offer counseling on a sliding scale related to income. The variation in cost depends on many factors: the agency, counselors, ministers, licensed professionals, services provided, location, etc.
  • Patchwork Faith Ministries receives NO funding from medical insurance companies.
  • Patchwork Faith Ministries is funded solely by contributors, monthly support partners, and clients’ donations.
  • Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a year-end tax receipt.
  • Think about what you spend on non-essentials/extras each week and the value these items do or do not add to your life: specialty coffee, movies & entertainment, restaurants, cigarettes or alcohol, fast food items, convenience store purchases, etc.  Now think about the value this prayer ministry adds to your life and what this is worth.

20. How many sessions will I have?

This will be determined by you and your prayer minister.

21. How often do I have to come in for appointments?

This will be determined by you and your prayer minister. Typically, sessions for emotional healing start weekly until you find they can be tapered off to bi-weekly or monthly.

22. Are you affiliated with any hospitals?

No. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

23. Are you a crisis clinic?

No. Please call 911 in an emergency and/or life threatening situation.

24. How does your Christian library work?

Our books, DVDs, and CDs are available to check out free of charge. You may check out up to 3 items at a time.

25. Is there nearby parking available and are you handicap accessible?

Yes, there is a free and convenient parking lot for our building. We are handicap accessible, too!



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